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Example Web Apps built with RESTHeart


In this section, we’ll introduce you to two web applications developed using Angular and RESTHeart, showcasing the capabilities of RESTHeart for Web Applications development.

here we use Angular. Of course you can use RESTHeart with any frontend framework!

These examples demonstrate the versatility and ease of use of RESTHeart, which can be seamlessly integrated with various frontend frameworks to build dynamic web applications. Whether you are using Angular, React, or any other framework, RESTHeart provides a robust backend solution for your web development needs.


The Webchat application is a real-time chat app hosted at chat.restheart.org. It enables users to engage in real-time conversations with others. What’s remarkable about this application is that it requires zero lines of code for creating a real-time chat API, thanks to RESTHeart.

To explore the source code and get a deeper understanding, you can access the GitHub repository at restheart-webchat GitHub repository.

Moreover, the app leverage RESTHeart Change Streams's, allowing instant notifications to clients about any data modifications through WebSockets.

To gain insights into the communication flow between the web clients and RESTHeart, refer to the following diagram:

Webchat Communication Diagram

Messages Table View

The Messages Table View application offers a simple and intuitive way to display a tabular view of message documents stored in a MongoDB collection. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly form to create new messages. This application is hosted at ng-demo.restheart.org.

For those interested in exploring the source code, the GitHub repository can be found at restheart-ng-demo GitHub repository.

By utilizing RESTHeart, you can effortlessly build and manage this type of web application, making it a valuable tool for frontend developers looking to create interactive and data-driven experiences.

Here’s a live demo of the Messages Table View application:

Let’s examine the advantages of using RESTHeart. With the REST MongoDB API plugin, there’s no need for any backend code, and the only frontend code required to interact with it is as follows:

export class Service {
  url = 'https://demo.restheart.org/messages';

  constructor(private http: HttpClient) {

  public get(page: number = 1): Observable<Array<any>> {
    return this.http.get<Array<any>>(`${this.url}?pagesize=5&page=${page}`);

  public size(): Observable<any> {
    return this.http.get(`${this.url}/_size`);

  public post(data: any): Observable<any> {
    const _data = {
      message: data.message,
      from: data.from

    return this.http.post(this.url, _data);

Sending a Message Using cURL

In this section, we’ll demonstrate how to send a chat message using the API with curl. By sending a POST request to demo.restheart.org/messages, you can interact with the chat application programmatically.

To send a message, use the following cURL command:

$ curl -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST https://demo.restheart.org/messages/ -d '{"from":"you", "message":"RESTHeart rocks!!" }'

HTTP/1.1 201 Created