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Enterprise License

The Enterprise License comes into effect by executing the License Key Activation process.

For more information about the Enterprise License and Support please refer to restheart.com web site.

To activate the license key, you need to download and install the License Key Activator Plugin.

As long as this process is not completed, the terms and conditions of the Affero General Public License are in force.


The License Key Activator Plugin requires RESTHeart version 5.0 and later.

If you use a previous version you should upgrade; for more information please contact support@softinstigate.com

The activation process

The license key activation requires three steps:

  1. Download, extract and copy the license key activator plugin to the RESTHeart plugins directory;
  2. Copy and extract the provided license key archive to the RESTHeart plugin directory;
  3. Execute RESTHeart and accept the license agreement.

Download, extract and copy the license key activator plugin

Download the license activator plugins from https://download.restheart.com/si-lka-<version>.zip.

Where <version> is the version of RESTHeart you are using.

For instance, if you are using RESTHeart v6.1.6 the download URL is https://download.restheart.com/si-lka-6.1.6.zip

If the activator plugin for your version of RESTHeart is missing (you get error 404 Not Found), please email us at support@softinstigate.com and we will upload it.

Once downloaded, extract the zip package and copy the contained plugin jar file into the plugins directory:

$ unzip si-lka-<version>.zip
$ cp si-lka-<version>/si-lka.jar <rhroot>/plugins

Where <rhroot> is the RESTHeart root directory.

Copy and extract the provided license key archive

Copy the license key tar archive you have been provided by SoftInstigate to the RESTHeart plugins directory.

$ cp lickey.tar.gz <rhroot>/plugins

Where <rhroot> is the RESTHeart root directory.

Extract the package files.

$ cd <rhroot>/plugins
$ tar -xzf lickey.tar.gz 

This creates the directory lickey with the following files:

  • comm-license.key

Accept the License Agreement

Running RESTHeart will cause the following warning message:

|                                                                   |
| The License Agreement has not yet been accepted.                  |
|                                                                   |
| Please open your browser at http://localhost:8080/license and     |
| accept the license to continue.                                   |
|                                                                   |
| The HTTP listener is bound to localhost: accept the license from  |
| a browser running on the same host or edit the configuration.     |
|                                                                   |
| More information at                                               |
| https://restheart.org/docs/enterprise-license                     |
|                                                                   |

To properly run RESTHeart you must explicitly accept the license:

  • open your browser at http://<ip-of-restheart>:8080/license.
  • read and approve the license

To accept the License Agreement you need to select the two checkboxes and then click the “Activate the License Key” button.

Accept License

When done, you will find the following message in RESTHeart’s log:

 11:20:16.445 [XNIO-1 task-2] INFO  com.restheart.CommLicense - License Agreement accepted.

Once the License Agreement has been accepted, at startup RESTHeart just logs the following message confirming the Enterprise License is in force:

|                                                                   |
| This instance of RESTHeart is licenced under the Terms and        |
| Conditions of the Enterprise License Agreement.                   |
|                                                                   |

Silent acceptance

You can also accept the License Agreement with the system property ACCEPT_LICENSE_AGREEMENT

java -DACCEPT_LICENSE_AGREEMENT=true -jar restheart.jar

Specify the license key directory

The default directory that contains the license key is /plugins/lickey next to the file si-lka.jar:

- restheart.jar
- plugins
    - lickey
        - comm-license.key
        - COMM-LICENSE.txt

You can set a different directory with the system property lk-dir:

java -Dlk-dir=/etc/rh-lickey -jar restheart.jar


If you use Docker to run RESTHeart, you need to mount the lickey directory.

Add the following option to the docker run command:

-v ~/plugins/lickey:/opt/restheart/plugins/lickey/