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RESTHeart is a modern backend for Web and Mobile apps, designed to radically simplify server-side development and deployment.


There are some features every developer always needs to implement:

  • Data persistence.
  • Authentication and Authorization.
  • API.

RESTHeart provides out-of-the-box:

  • Data persistence via MongoDB.
  • Secure Identity and Access Management.
  • REST API with JSON.



  • Written in Java 11
  • Built on top of RedHat’s Undertow non-blocking HTTP server.
  • Uses MongoDB and compatible databases for data persistence.
  • Fully stateless.
  • Can be packaged as a Docker container.
  • Can be easily deployed both on Cloud and on premises.


For a complete list of features please go to this page.


If you need either Community support or dedicated, professional support and a Enterprise license, please have a look at the available options.