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Free support

If you are a student, individual developer or a small Web agency and comfortable with the AGPL v3 license, then using the product for free, as open source, is likely to be your best option.

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RESTHeart is dual licensed under the open source GNU AGPL v3.0 and the more business-friendly RESTHeart Enterprise License.

When a company is not comfortable with the AGPL open source license or need dedicated technical support, then it could purchase a RESTHeart Subscription, which comes with:

  • Perpetual, business-friendly Enterprise license with optional custom terms.
  • 12 months of technical support.
  • 12 months of supported upgrades to any new release of the product.
  • Training (optional).
  • Professional Services (optional).

The Enterprise license is perpetual and overcomes some limitations of the AGPL v3. Specifically, it grants the following rights:

  • Use RESTHeart in closed source applications.
  • Distribute RESTHeart embedded in closed source products.
  • Get coverage against some legal risks, like third-parties IP claims.

While the Enterprise license is perpetual, the subscription is annual and has to be explicitly renewed.

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Subscription’s Levels

Subscription’s levels depends on specific deployment needs. The below table illustrates a summary of usual levels:

Subscription Level RESTHeart’s instances Deployment scenario
Single 1 Single node, no HA requirements.
Cluster 3 Active/Active HA with up to 3 nodes.
Unlimited Unlimited, dynamic Elastic clusters, like Kubernetes or ECS.
OEM To be estimated Redistribute RESTHeart embedded in closed source products.

Only production instances matter: dev, test or other environments are free.

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How many subscriptions do I need to buy?

It’s simple: buy one RESTHeart subscription for each MongoDB production instance you want to connect to. So, with one annual subscription you get a single license that allows your company to:

  • Run unlimited RESTHeart instances, connected to any number of non-production database instances (dev, test, staging, …).
  • Run a single RESTHeart instance, connected to one database production instance at a time.

Custom Subscriptions containing multiple licenses for multiple database production instances are available upon request.

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Happy hour

If you have questions about use cases, support options, professional services or commercial licenses you can also book a free video call with us.

Note: if you need technical help but don’t have purchased a paid subscription from us then please refer to the above Free support section.