RESTHeart is available as a Docker image. The service is lightweight and fully stateless – ideal for cloud deployments. Docker Pulls

Battle-tested Security

Authentication and Authorization are provided by the security layer. Security can be easily customized thanks to the pluggable architecture.

Extendable with Plugins

Extend RESTHeart capabilities via Java Plugins. This makes RESTHeart a complete development platform, with an out-of-the-box data persistence API and an extension mechanism to implement custom logic and REST Web Services.

Read JSON documents

Read JSON documents with GET requests; specify MongoDB queries and projection options; deal with large result sets with automatic pagination.

Write JSON documents

Create, modify, and delete JSON documents with POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE requests. Use bulk requests to deal with multiple documents in one shot.

Binary data

Manage binary files with MongoDB’s GridFS. RESTHeart supports </strong>web caching </strong> for large files – reducing bandwidth.


Define and execute parametric Aggregations, supporting both map-reduce and aggregation pipelines.

Data validation

Validate write requests with JSON Schema. RESTHeart extends MongoDB's support of JSON Schema, applying definitions stored in the internal schema store collection.

Database Management API

API-managed creation and deletion of databases and collections. Define indexes and control plugins' behavior via resource metadata.

Read more about the background of our product in The origins of RESTHeart.