What RESTHeart can do


RESTHeart is available as a docker image. The service is lightweight and full stateless thus ideal for on-the-cloud deployments. Docker Pulls

Battle-tested Security

Authentication and Authorization provided by its security layer. Security can be easily customized thanks to its pluggable architecture.

Extensible with Plugins

Extend RESTHeart via Plugins to transform, check and intercept requests and responses, executes hooks after a request completes and implement Web Services.
Plugins makes RESTHeart one of the most effective development platform with the majority of API available out-of-the-box and a simple way adding custom business logic.
Creating a plugin is as simple as implementing a java interface and copying the jar in the plugins directory (simplified deplyment available form RESTHeart Platform v5)

Read JSON documents

Read JSON documents with GET requests, specifying MongoDB queries and projection options; deal with large result sets with pagination.

Write JSON documents

Create, modify and delete JSON documents with POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests. Use bulk requests to deal with multiple documents in one shot.

Binary data

Complete binary files management to create, read and delete even huge files with MongoDB’s GridFS. RESTHeart supports Web Caching and automatically saves bandwith.


Define and execute parametric Aggregations, supporting both map-reduce and aggregation pipelines.

Data validation

Validate write requests with JSON Schema. RESTHeart extends MongoDB support of JSON Schema to apply and reuse definitions stored in the internal schema store collection.

DB Managment API

The API allows managing db resources, creating, deleting db and collection, defining indexes and apply plugins via resource metadata.

Read more about the background of our product on The origins of RESTHeart