The Web API for MongoDB


RESTHeart is the leading Web API for MongoDB. It has been tested with MongoDB from release 2.6 to 3.4

Just start it and the REST API is ready to use, opening the data to the Web.

Web and Mobile applications can directly use the database via REST HTTP API calls: check our AngularJs notes example application.

Fast & Light

High throughput check the performance tests.

Lightweight ~10Mb footprint, low RAM usage, starts in ~1 sec.

Horizontally Scalable with Stateless Architecture and full support for MongoDB replica sets and shards.

µService: it does one thing and it does it well.

Rapid Dev

No server side development is required in most of the cases for your web and mobile applications.

The Setup is simple with convention over configuration approach; Docker Container and Vagrant Box are available.

Access Control and Schema Check are provided out of the box.


Production ready.

High quality Documentation and active development community.

Severe Unit and Integration test suite, Code Check and Continuous Integration process.

Commercial Support available from SoftInstigate, the company behind RESTHeart.