Use Case: REST API for MongoDB

Significant Development Cost Savings Using RESTHeart

RESTHeart is a standalone server-side application which connects to MongoDB database (and MongoDB compatible databases) and immediately exposes all of MongoDB’s capabilities through a complete REST API, which allows to read and write JSON documents and binary data via HTTP.

Developers don’t need to write a single line of backend code to serve data and content to Mobile Apps and Angular, React, Vue or other Single Page Application frameworks.

RESTHeart provides a strong security module for authentication, authorization, and data caching. It allows to effectively manage content and its metadata, such as images, tags, categories, geo-localized data, audios and videos, allowing to access them through a clean REST API.

In most scenarios, RESTHeart can be the perfect server-side backend for mobile and web applications, so that frontend developers can focus on building user Interfaces.

To see an estimate of how much money you will save using RESTHeart for your development project, go to the RESTHeart ROI Calculator.

For a detailed description of setting up an API to MongoDB using RESTHeart see Building Instant RESTFul API’s with MongoDB and RESTHeart.

For a detailed description of setting up an API to Amazon’s DocumentDB using RESTHeart see How to Create a Web API for AWS DocumentDB (using RESTHeart).