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Use Case: REST API for MongoDB

Significant Development Cost Savings Using RESTHeart

RESTHeart is a standalone server-side application which connects to MongoDB database (and MongoDB compatible databases) and immediately exposes all of MongoDB’s capabilities through a complete REST API, which allows to read and write JSON documents and binary data via HTTP.

Developers don’t need to write a single line of backend code to serve data and content to Mobile Apps and Angular, React, Vue or other Single Page Application frameworks.

RESTHeart provides a strong security module for authentication, authorization, and data caching. It allows to effectively manage content and its metadata, such as images, tags, categories, geo-localized data, audios and videos, allowing to access them through a clean REST API.

In most scenarios, RESTHeart can be the perfect server-side backend for mobile and web applications, so that frontend developers can focus on building user Interfaces.

For a detailed description of setting up an API to MongoDB using RESTHeart see Building Instant RESTFul API’s with MongoDB and RESTHeart.

For a detailed description of setting up an API to Amazon’s DocumentDB using RESTHeart see How to Create a Web API for AWS DocumentDB (using RESTHeart).