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Use Case: Open Data and IoT

RESTHeart is a perfect fit for real-time data, open data and solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Data can be uploaded to RESTHeart via JSON calls or Excel’s CSV files and made immediately available through the REST API.

Several RESTHeart users tell us that they had their Open Data application up and running in a single day!

Because RESTHeart eliminates the need for time-consuming integrations, in most cases you can set up your real-time data, open data or IoT application without coding—saving significant development cost.

RESTHeart allows for high performance, live streaming of real-time data from MongoDB. For more information see Websocket API documentation page.

RESTHeart also leverages MongoDB’s Geospatial support and stores GeoJSON objects without the need to write complicated server-side code: geometries are then available to clients such as Google Maps via its API.