Use Case: Content Management

Many RESTHeart users use RESTHeart to effectively manage content—whether that content is images, audios, videos, comments, tags, categories, or geo-localized data and whether the application is mobile or on the web.

Because RESTHeart eliminates the need for time-consuming integrations, in most cases you can set up your content management application without coding—saving significant development cost.

You can build Single Page Applications with Angular, React, Vue frameworks and iOS and Android Mobile applications much more effectively because you can focus on creating beautiful user interfaces for your users.

Geo-location-based mobile and web application developers, modern art museums and even content management-as-a-service players use RESTHeart to effectively manage huge collections of complicated digital content.

As a “Headless CMS” RESTHeart allows you to interface to add content and RESTful API to deliver content where you need it. And RESTHeart is a perfect API provider for JAMstack Web architectures, where it fits much more naturally than any WordPress customization.

Many RESTHeart users tell us that they had their mobile or web content management applications up and running in a single day!

To see just how much money you can save in development cost using RESTHeart to enable your content management application see RESTHeart’s ROI Calculator.