Professional Services

No one can help you better

Professional Services are provided by SoftInstigate, the company behind RESTHeart.

Professional Services can help you on:

  • Using RESTHeart’ standard API (create resources, insert, update and query data)
  • Developing RESTHeart extensions
  • Customizing RESTHeart
  • Priority bug fixing
  • Validating architectural choices against best practices;
  • integrations with other systems;
  • Security configurations.
  • Highly available deployments on cloud or on premises.

Prepaid model

The Service can be delivered through a prepaid model.

  • The service starts with a 80 working hours balance, valid for 12 months.
  • When a task request is received, our team estimates the effort and, after customer’s approval, executes the task.
  • As soon as the task is resolved, the worked time is deducted from the balance.

At any time the Customer can:

  • Top-up the balance, extending the service beyond 80 hours.
  • Renew for additional 12 months.
  • Request the current balance.

T&M model

We offer tailored T&M activities, for very specific needs, delivered in chunks of minimum 4 hours each.

Community Support

RESTHeart team and the community offer free support via Stackoverflow and Github.

Report an issue on github.

Ask a question on stackoverflow using the tag restheart .