Professional Services

No one can help you better

Professional Services are provided by SoftInstigate, the company behind RESTHeart.

Professional Services help you on:

  • Using the RESTHeart standard API
  • Developing RESTHeart extensions (Transformers, Checkers, Hooks, Application Logic Handlers, Custom Identity Managers, Custom Access Manager, etc.)
  • Customizing RESTHeart, i.e. changing its normal behaviour following Customer’s specific needs
  • Priority bug fixing
  • Configuration
  • Validating architectural choices against the SoftInstigate best practices;
  • Adding to RESTHeart general purpose features (to be publicly released in the Open Source version).


The service is available on GTM+1 timezone, on Business Hours 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Communication channels

The Customer asks for tasks by using the private RESTHeart Jira Issue Tracker. Once the task is requested, communication between SoftInstigate and the Customer goes via JIRA, chat and videoconference when needed.

Prepaid model

The Service follows a prepaid model.

  • The service starts with 80 working hours balance.
  • When task request is received, SoftInstigate estimates the required effort, communicate it to the Customer and execute the task.
  • As soon as the task is closed, the actual worked time is deducted from the balance.

At any time the Customer can:

  • Top-up the balance, thus extending the service.
  • Request the current balance.

Response Goal

The First Response Goal is 16 working hours. The service balance will be extended at no charge for the Customer by 8 working hours every time this SLA term is not met.

Community Support

RESTHeart team and the community offer free support via Stackoverflow and Github.

Report an issue on github.

Ask a question on stackoverflow using the tag restheart .