Audience Hobbyists Small Business Med–Large Companies
License AGPL v3
No Custom Terms
with Custom Terms, price may vary depending on your legal requirements
You must distribute your product under the AGPL and disclose source code to users interacting via network
Requires a license key per instance
Available as Custom Term
Redistribute your closed-source product embedding RESTHeart in high volumes
Clustering n/a Unsupported
Available and supported
Configure highly available clusters connected to MongoDB Replica Sets and Shards
IP Warranty n/a n/a
Available as Custom Term
Optional Remediation Warranty for IP claims
Liability Insurance n/a n/a
Available as Custom Term
Optional protection for Direct Liability
Updates n/a
First year included.
Extended by renewing the yearly subscription.
Priority Bug Fixing n/a
First year included.
Extended by renewing the yearly subscription.
Professional Services n/a
Consulting and training package, directly from RESTHeart's developers.
Pricing Free
$950/year per instance
No limits on development and test instances
Volume discounts available
Starting at $9500 for first instance and $4750 for additional instances
No limits on development and test instances
Prices may vary depending on custom terms
Volume discounts available
Purchasing n/a Online with Credit Card Offer/Purchase Order Process Handling
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Licensing Model

Commercial Licenses are perpetual and allow to use RESTHeart without any time limit.

The license includes one year of Updates and priority bug-fixing. Renewing it keeps it active, allowing you to continuously install and use the latest versions of RESTHeart as they are released and make sure that the bugs you find will be promptly fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the license?

See COMM-LICENSE in the root of the RESTHeart repo.

What is a License Key?

A License Key is a verifiable file, cryptographically signed by the Licensor, containing additional information on the License (including but not limited to those that specifies how many RESTHeart instances the Licensee is allowed to execute and how) that can purchased by the Licensee in order to acquire the rights to use RESTHeart.

What is a RESTHeart instance?

A RESTHeart instance is any installation of RESTHeart and Derivative Works of RESTHeart capable of being executed as a single process in a production execution environment regardless the used technology, including but not limited to bare metal servers, virtual machines or containers. Installations made for testing or development purposes don’t constitute RESTHeart instances.

What is the License Key Activation process?

The License Key Activation is the technical process by which the Licensee accepts the Terms and Conditions of the License and binds the License Key to a RESTHeart Instance. RESTHeart instances with activated license keys run under the Commercial License and are not affected by AGPL restrictions.

What is a Derivative Work?

A Derivative Work is the work or software that could be created by the Licensee, based upon the RESTHeart or modifications thereof, including but not limited to any modification of RESTHeart and any software that links or embeds RESTHeart.

Important: A Software that interacts with RESTHeart only via its REST API is not considered as a Derivative Work.

Can I distribute a Derivative Work with my own License?

With the Commercial License you can distribute your Derivative Work under your Terms and Conditions. This is also true if you distribute your Software as a Service.

You can buy as many license keys as the instance you need to distribute or even have an OEM license. In the latter case the License Key is not bound to RESTHeart instances and can only be used together with your product.

Does the Commercial License overcome the Disclose source AGPL condition?

Yes, With the Commercial License you don’t have to make the Source Code available when distributing your Derivative Work.