Commercial Support

Technical experts are standing by to answer your questions, help you with development and operation to keep your RESTHeart effective, secure and up to date.

What is commercial support?

Commercial support is provided to enable a smooth adoption of RESTHeart in a Enterprise environment.

It covers different needs from training to custom development and operations.

How do I purchase support?

Support for RESTHeart is provided as part of support packages.

An Commercial License is available to embed the product or deploy services without incurring in the limitation of the Affero GPL.

Who does provide this service?

The support service is provided by SoftInstigate, the company behind RESTHeart.

The team that develops RESTHeart is standing by to support you: no one can help you better.

Community Support

RESTHeart team and the community offers free support via Stackoverflow and Github. Although no SLA or commitment are guaranteed, we are proud of our brilliant results: check below our statistics.

Build Status Issue Stats Issue Stats

Check the development status the solution for your need might be already on the road.

Ask for an improvement or report a bug on github.

Ask a question on stackoverflow using the restheart tag.